You are a FOOL if you Don’t Take Donald Trump at His Word!

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By Larry Johnson
Clovis, CA

President Elect Donald Trump has told ALL of us exactly what he intends to do in his first 100 days as President. You are a FOOL if you don’t take him at his word and listen VERY carefully when he announces his actions.

There is one problem already that he and his staff are considering LIMITING the news media to ONLY those media which are FRIENDLY to his cause! Stock in FOX Fantasy will probably go through the roof! Do you really want a restricted news media in this country with a Donald Trump at the levers of government? Really?

This partial list ARE HIS STATEMENTS AND THOUGHTS, which have been made publicly over the last 18 months

And just in case you don’t believe me with the above opinion, check out the LATEST LIST of potential cabinet appointments HE is considering