Vision/Mission Statement

California Democratic Council envisions that every registered Democrat is represented by leaders at all levels of government who advocate successfully for Democratic Party values and high quality of life for all Californians, and that these leaders are informed about the most important issues concerning members of the Democratic Clubs that make up their constituency.

1) The California Democratic Council ensures every California Democrat is served by a visible, organized, geographic based and/or affinity based Democratic club that reaches out year-round to its community; recruits quality Democratic candidates for every appointed and elected position in its purview; supports those elected officials in advocating for Democratic Party values both as candidates and in their sworn public roles. The CDC helps Democratic clubs to communicate their policy messages and positions on issues in a democratic manner and at the appropriate level to provide information and guidance to appointed and elected officials and candidates.

2) The California Democratic Council believes ALL of it’s members should commit to strongly opposing ANY and ALL proposals, laws or mandates made by the Trump Administration which will weaken the progressive social fabric of the United States of America or any individual or State. To accomplish this, we strongly suggest that ALL members download, read, understand and commit to implementing the INDIVISIBLE plan in their activist operations.