Fight Back With Indivisible

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Over the next few weeks and months you will hear the reptiles crow (head reptile Paul Ryan has already started the crowing) that they, the reptiles, have a  “Mandate of the People” to change the way this country works.


Currently, Hillary Clinton holds the majority of the actual votes cast, over 2,000,000 more than Donald Trump! Therefore, there is

NO mandate

BUT, the reptiles will try and sell the nation on this “Mandate of the People”  idea and use their control of the US House and Senate to craft bills which they will send to their reptile President, Donald Trump, to sign. So, baton down the hatches and get ready for a real fight for the heart and soul of this country.

There is Good News!

You can Fight Back Against the Conservative Agenda by reading Indivisible and then organizing the resistance! This guide is written by Congressional Staffers who KNOW what works and  what doesn’t!

What you will be fighting against:

The reptiles and their total control of the both houses of congress and the white house will try their best to turn this  country back to the 1950s and bring about their dream of an Autocratic Government which basically IGNORES those that don’t vote and are part of the middle and worker classes.

They will try to privatize Social Security, repeal The Affordable Health Care Act (the act is already written), extend voter suppression throughout the country, repeal pollution regulation and all industry free hand to poison the atmosphere and water for profit.  You can kiss the supreme court balance goodbye for at least two generations – it’s gone so get over it. Citizens United on steroids is coming soon to a billionaire near you, equal pay for equal work is history, minimum wage guidelines – forget it! The big wall between us and  Mexico will be built (the Bill is already written) and funded by Mexico – yeah, sure! And wars, get ready for many, many more as we continue to be the biggest nasty bully on the block. Your Tax breaks – forget it, you aren’t rich enough so your tax break will amount to the cost of a few bags of groceries.

Their WRICH (wealthy + rich) supporters will enjoy the benefits if virtually NO taxation and the so called “entitlements” like Social Security – you paid into it your whole life – and Medicare – you paid into it your whole life – will be privatized and given to the Wall Street Investment Barons to use to their benefit and profit. Those who think that they can rely on these really important programs are just stupid and deserve what is about to happen to them. The problem is I and MY Family and YOU and YOUR Family DON’T DESERVE what these idiots have caused to happen.

WE need to man political barricades  and get our Democratic weapons ready for the onslaught. Elections have consequences and beginning right now we are going to be experiencing the worst of them. Our cause is just and it is for the majority of the people.

The struggle for the 2018 midterm elections begins NOW and YOU can Fight Back with


This is complete guide to what YOU can do to PREVENT the Trump Agenda from becoming the Law of this land!