CDC Committees

Below is a list of the CDC Standing Committees:

Club/Affiliate & Affairs
Issues and Political & Action
General Information on Committees
There are two types of committees within the new organization plan of the CDC and these are Activity committees and Administrative committees. The Activity committees cover the deliverance of CDC services and include Club/Affiliate Affairs Committee, Issues and Political Action Committee and the Endorsement/Resolutions Committee. The Administrative committees handle the internal duties to support the Activity committees and are the Finance Committees, Tech/IT Committee, Communications Committee and the Credentials/Roster Committee.
Club/Affiliate Affair Committee
Chair: Matt Pope
This is the largest activity committee in the CDC with members covering the entire state. All activities of the statewide Democratic Clubs, Democratic Central Committees and other related Democratic organizations are handled within this committee. This includes programs for all types of training, organizational development, materials and club operational issues.
Issues & Political Action Committee
Chair: John Comiskey
The CDC Issues & Political Action Committee was established in the 2003 revision of the Constitution to Develop Strategies to implement CDC resolutions, platform statements and legislative advocacy.Does your club have issues of concern?  This is the committee to which to appoint a member to represent your priorities.  Also, your organization may request an ad hoc issues subcommittee to focus on particular issues.If your team wants to be involved in advocacy, this is the committee for you!
Endorsements/Resolutions Committee
Chair: Craig Anthon
This committee identifies and puts out to vote the endorsements and resolutions of the CDC. In addition, this group will develop a web based online voting system and make it available to the overall membership for voting on endorsements and resolutions.
Credentials/Roster Committee
Chair: Holly Andrade Blair
The CDC Credentials/Roster Committee reviews and maintains membership rosters of all Affiliated Organizations; and verifies all delegates and attendees at State Board of Directors meetings, the Annual State Convention, and each Area and/or Regional Board meeting.
 Tech/IT Committee
Chair: Larry Johnson
This committee supports the technical and internet technologies which are used by the organization to carry out its tasks. Members of this committee is technically oriented specialists and programmers was well as web masters, web content masters and statistical programmers. This is where the fun is for those folks who want to help build the most up-to-date systems of support for the CDC.
Communications Committee
 Chair: Position Open
This committee administers the CDC’s communications activity such as the website, newsletter and social media.
Finance Committee
Chair: Jacquelyn Omotalade
With the CDC Treasurer, Controller and Trustees as members, this committee oversees the CDC finances and helps to develop fundraising strategies for the organization.
Your club’s participation with CDC Standing Committees will enhance your organization’s community leadership.

Being a part of CDC, your members will be energized and recognized as leaders among grassroots Democrats.  Participation and support in the vital operations of the CDC will create a value-add to your CDC membership.