Fight Back With Indivisible

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Over the next few weeks and months you will hear the reptiles crow (head reptile Paul Ryan has already started the crowing) that they, the reptiles, have a  “Mandate of the People” to change the way this country works. NOT SO Currently, Hillary Clinton holds the majority of the actual votes cast, over 2,000,000 more […]

We, the Proud, Patriotic, American Democrats.

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We understand that the average American voter does not think that they have the time, understanding or overwhelming desire to confront the great powers of money and lies which would destroy our society and change it to an Oligarchy. Yet it is when good people do nothing that the powers of wealth and privilege take […]

WordPress Experts and Website Content Managers

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The California Democratic Council (CDC) is looking for a few great volunteer WordPress Experts The California Democratic Council (CDC) is looking for a few Great volunteer WordPress Experts and Content Managers. These are NOT political positions but rather technical support positions. WordPress Experts – Your duties would be to accept assignments to fix website problems […]

Whither Goest Thou, CDC?

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By Les Marsden Reprinted with permission from the author. “I have always regarded the California Democratic Council as one of the United States’ most important centers of citizen participation in politics.” —President John Fitzgerald Kennedy “I’m not a member of any organized political party…. I’m a Democrat. Democrats never agree on anything, that’s why they’re […]