Benefits for Individuals

Why Become an At-Large Member of CDC?

Until recently, the California Democratic Council was exclusively an association of chartered Democratic Clubs and Democratic County Committees. To participate in CDC activities and decision-making, you had to be a member of one or the other.  Though we continue to believe that participation in your local club and on your County Committee are the most effective ways for you to influence elections and policy at home and throughout California, we understand that not everyone may have a club or County Committee nearby.

To give you the opportunity to participate, support local grassroots activism, and make your voice heard, we have created the California Democratic Council Member-at-Large Division.  To be eligible to join as an At-Large Member of the California Democratic Council you must be a registered Democrat with no current Democratic Club within 25 miles.

We invite you to become an At-Large Member of the California Democratic Council today.  A small donation and a little participation can make a big difference.

As an At-Large Member, you will receive:

  • Regular updates about Democratic events occurring in your community and statewide
  • Invitations to special CDC events in your area
  • Information about volunteer opportunities with clubs and county committees
  • The right to elect delegates to the annual CDC convention and the CDC Board of Directors
  • The chance to share your knowledge and expertise to help win elections throughout California