Benefits for Clubs & Committees

With over six decades of service to local Democratic Clubs and County Committees, the California Democratic Council (CDC) provides your organization with the tools and services needed to run a  professional, efficient Democratic organization.

As a full affiliate of the CDC, your club or county committee will receive:

  • Leadership Manual
    Over 300 pages of leadership topics such as ‘How to run a meeting’, ‘Fundraising fundamentals’, ‘How to get and keep members’ and much more
  • Free Software
    Open Office (Word processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Drawing), Label Maker, Desktop Publisher, Photo Editor
  • Free 6′ Registration Table
    Includes a 6 foot folding table for clubs willing to do voter registration and outreach
  • Free Banner
    Includes a 6 foot by 2 foot custom banner for clubs willing to do voter registration and outreach
  • Free Website Systems
    Free domain name, hosting and complete website template (includes, news page, blogging, articles, forums, calendar, rss, etc.). Includes credit card processing for dues/donations. Over 180 clubs, central committees, regional directors and caucus’ are using the system
  • Media List
    Contact information for over 500 California media outlets for press releases, meeting announcements and other publicity
  • Voter Data File
    Complete statewide voter registration file for clubs and counties that currently do not have access. To be used for membership building and precinct organizing
  • Statewide Listing
    Calendar for posting club and county meetings/events. Categories for meetings, fundraisers, training, etc.. Categories can be subscribed to for receiving notifications and reminders
  • Leadership Training
    Roberts Rules of Order, Hands-on Financial Reporting, Getting and Keeping Members, Technology for Club Growth, Engaging/Reaching Young Democrats, Top Progressive Issues and more.

The California Democratic Council is more effective than ever before! Don’t miss out on making a real difference. Affiliate with the CDC today.