How To Fight Back – RIGHT NOW

Many people ask us how they can personally fight back against the “Lier-In-Chief” Agenda which has begun to show us just how bad he and his cabinet appointments really are. It seems to the average voter such a Herculean task and yet it’s NOT.  Here are few actions which you can personally take to STOP the insanity and help us take back our country. These simple methods are effective and they work! ALL of these actions will have an impact on your Representative who’s one goal in his political life is to be RE-ELECTED. Without support in the US House and US Senate, the Lier-In-Chief will NOT be able to pass his agenda into law.

  1. Write a postcard to your Representative. Nothing fancy. In fact you can take a piece of paper, cut it to 3″ x 5″, on one side address it to you representative, show your return address with zip code in the top left corner and fix a postcard stamp to the top right hand cornet and on the reverse side print in large letters your desire for your Representatives action on a certain issue which affects you or you are concerned about, such as: I WANT YOU TO VOTE AGAINST REPEAL OR REPLACE OF THE PP-ACA (Obama Care for the ignorant). Cost to you, 5 minutes of your time and a postcard stamp – check the post office for the current stamp charge.
  2. Locate your local INDIVISIBLE group – there are hundreds in California and most probably one near you – and attend the next meeting or protest at your Representatives Local Office. You have to have seen these groups on TV over the past months. They work! Look at the reptiles how voted against the Repeal/Replace Obama Care in the house.
  3. Find a local Democratic Club and attend their next meeting. IF you don’t like what you hear and/or see than GET INVOLVED and change the Democratic Party from the inside – YOU CAN DO IT!
  4. Write an EMail or letter to your local newspaper regarding your concerns regarding the WRICH taking over the government of this country and your objection. Make it simple and straight forward.
  5. Donate $5.00 to your LOCAL Democratic Party – that’s the one which is located in the County you live in. That donation will not bankrupt you BUT if thousands like you make that simple donation, then the local Democratic Party can begin to take LOCAL action to reject the reptile onslaught in your County.
  6. Join your local Democratic Club. This is where the Democratic rubber meets the political road. There is a complete list of the CDC Affiliated Democratic Clubs and organizations located HERE.

IF you do nothing else, VOTE DEMOCRATIC in ALL elections. That way you send a message loud and clear to the reptiles that you stand for People and not PROFIT


Here is a new way to take action right now! Check out the List Of Shame post on this website.

America remains GREAT when we ALL work for for ALL of us.

Thank you for concern and attention to this. Remember, it’s when good people do nothing that bad people win! Yes, the current crop of conservative leaders, the reptile Senators and Representatives in the US Congress are BAD people. They represent ONLY the WRICH (Wealthy + Rich) against your best interests. Don’t let them win. Know the truth and it will set you free. It won’t make you rich, it won’t make you popular, it won’t make you happy BUT it will give you a freedom of thought that is YOURS to use as you see fit. Help us take back America FOR ALL THE PEOPLE and not just the WRICH.